Worshipping on Cebu & Travelling to Tuguegarao

On Sunday morning, 4/12/15, I assembled with the Cebu congregation where Jonathan Carino labors, and preached on “The Works of the Flesh” (Gal. 5:19-21). Sixty members were present, along with one visitor. During the afternoon, I visited the place were Fred Ogario preaches, and worshipped with around a dozen saints who meet in the home of one of the good sisters. I spoke on Isaiah 53 and also Joshua 1. At home, I am used to crying babies, and children who occasionally make their presence known. Here, I competed with crowing roosters, who clearly could not keep track of time, (since it was 3 p.m.), but happily cockle-doodle-doed throughout the worship service. Since the brethren seemed not to notice, I figured if I can ignore squally babies at home, I can ignore noisy chickens in the Philippines.

Today, Monday, 4/13/15, was a day of travel. Ron and I flew from Cebu City to Manila, where we caught another flight to Tuguegarao, in northern Luzon. Age has its privileges: In the Philippines, senior citizens get to board airplanes first. Granted, I’m not quite there yet, but when travelling with Methuselah Ron, I got grand-fathered into the senior section at checking and boarding. Let them young whippersnappers stand in the holding area like a milling-herd of cattle, we’re going to the front of the line.

The other day, a hotel assistant in the exercise room said, “Hey, I saw you in the Garden Café earlier with that tall, handsome man.” When I shared this characterization with Ron, he guffawed. Then today, while passing through the Manila domestic airport, stopping at a moneychanger booth to convert some US Dollars (USD) into Philippine Pesos (PHP), the person who assisted us noticed my Microsoft Band (a watch/fitness band), and said, “Cool watch. You look like James Bond.” In reality, I don’t know of two more “un-with-it” folks than Ron and me, but Filipinos think he is tall and handsome, and that I’m James Bond. That’s just TOO funny.

Enough foolishness for one day. I’m tired and going to bed. Tomorrow we start a meeting at Tuguegarao, seeking the lost, and strengthening the saved. Yours, Mark

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