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Bizarre Behavior at Building

Item #1: On Wednesday evening, Sherelyn and I arrived at the church building, about 45 minutes before the start of mid-week services. The parking lot had 5-6 vehicles parked randomly near one another, with a dozen or so people standing around, seemingly obsessed with their phones.

(Note: I am becoming more and more convinced cell-phones are the modern equivalent of the “pods” that descended upon earth in “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” a 1950s era Sci-Fi thriller in which ordinary people turn into zombies.)
Anyway, the “people” in our parking lot (all adults, middle-aged men and women, with some grizzled older guys) were all playing Pokémon. Apparently, our parking lot is a hot-spot for the little digital creatures. Previously, I would see kids in the parking lot (w/ noses glued to phones), playing Pokémon. However, this group had (theoretically) reached the age of accountability, but w/o much to show for it.

Item #2: On Thursday at noon, while I was at the building (waiting for the A/C repairman to finish working on our cooling system), I spied another unexpected visitor. A squirrel was energetically tearing up the large foot-mat that is located at the main entrance to the foyer. The little hooligan was ripping apart the floor mat, and absconding with the shredded fabric, which it was apparently using to line his nest. When I opened the front door and said, “Git!” it ran away w/ a mouth full of foot-mat fabric. The “conceal-carry” guys at church have my permission to make fur fly. Just aim away from the kids.


Picture of the Patton Family

Since the passing of Sherelyn’s parents, Ernest and Frances Finley, the children have been going through their “stuff,” sharing possessions and pictures from the past, etc.  Here is a photo you might be interested in, of Hershell and Marshall Patton, their wives and mother, who was affectionately called “Pat-Pat.”  These Christians had a profound and positive effect upon many in the Lord’s church, in our family and among brethren across the country.