Picture of the Patton Family

Since the passing of Sherelyn’s parents, Ernest and Frances Finley, the children have been going through their “stuff,” sharing possessions and pictures from the past, etc.  Here is a photo you might be interested in, of Hershell and Marshall Patton, their wives and mother, who was affectionately called “Pat-Pat.”  These Christians had a profound and positive effect upon many in the Lord’s church, in our family and among brethren across the country.




2 thoughts on “Picture of the Patton Family”

  1. My cousin told me about your post about my family. Thank you for posting this. I was so fortunate to be born into this “family of preachers.” I miss them all but would not bring them back for anything. I remember Finleys warmly, too.
    Steve Patton, son of Herschel and Reba Patton
    (They are the two on the right)

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