Today was Special

Sunday marked the beginning of our Fall Gospel Meeting with Danny Linden of Del Rio, Texas. He brought three great lessons, with more to come during the week. Here are some pictures from our afternoon pot-luck at the Alvin Sr. Citizen’s Center. The food was great, and so also the association.

01 (2 of 9) 01 (3 of 9) 01 (4 of 9) 01 (5 of 9) 01 (6 of 9) 01 (7 of 9) 01 (8 of 9) 01 (9 of 9) Davenport-01 Davenport-02 Davis-Jessica Fisk-Jonathan Harrell-Michael Harrell-Stacey Henry-01 Henry-02 Henry-McKenzie Henry-ZachAndCodySargent Lackey-Becky Lackey-Gary Lawrence-Ashli Lawrence-CraigAndLaura Lawrence-Jacob Linden-Danny Linden-DannyAndLauren Linden-Lauren Linden-Paul-01 Linden-Paul-02 Locklear-01 Locklear-02 Locklear-03 Locklear-04 Locklear-05 Locklear-06 Locklear-07 Locklear-08 Locklear-09 Locklear-10 Locklear-Susan Mayberry-RyanAndEmilee Mayberry-SherelynAndRyan Morris-Forrest-01 Morris-Forrest-02 Morris-Sue Nolls-TonyAndDarlene Partain-JohnAndLeah Partain-Owen Rabren-Brandi Roskos-AlanAndMelissa Turner-Bruce Turner-Kay

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